Partner Companies List


Fi inc.

Fi inc. is a start-up company that provides high-performance controllers wiffy that make it easy to build Free Wi-Fi that can be customized and marketable, and connectech Inc. is an authorized reseller.

Shamrock Records

Shamrock Records, Inc. is the developer of Communication Application UDTalk, and connectech Inc. is its official reseller.


SoundFun Inc. is the developer and manufacturer of MIRAI SPEAKER "Easy for everyone to hear", and connectech Inc. is an authorized reseller.


MAMORIO, Inc. is an IoT venture company that aims to become a "lose, lose." by manufacturing and developing the world's smallest lost and found tag.


Pinmicro K K is an IoT venture company that develops and provides BLE sensors, SDK apps, and cloud platforms for B2B in other areas such as events, education, and offices.

Innovature Technologies

Innovature Technologies K K is a developer that provides cloud, data analysis, and app development in a highly skilled offshore (India) environment.

Locarise Inc.

Locarise Inc. is an IoT venture providing services that combine Wi-Fi and webcams with a high-performance AI cloud (Made in France) to visualize and analyze retail stores, event venues, and other spaces.


Silvereye, Inc is a VR related venture company that develops rehabilitation support VR and VR CMS platform and provides various equipment necessary for VR experience and production.


Programbook Co., Ltd. is a venture company that supports the development of ideas (logical thinking) necessary for programming for infants using smartphone applications and study books.

Swallow Incubate

Swallow Incubate Co., Ltd. is a venture company that develops technologies such as "Iris Recognition" "Emotion Recognition" and "Gaze Detection Technology" utilizing Panasonic's patents.


AI-CON is a cloud service that automatically creates registration-related documents with ease using AI that has been trained by lawyers.


Jimdo is one of the largest homepage creation services available to 1.7 million users. The Our Company site is built on Jimdo.