O2O Marketing Support Wi-Fi

What is wiffy?

Wiffy is a high-performance Wi-Fi service developed to support stores. It is as compact as the palm of your hand, and can perform various functions in one device. You can use it immediately by connecting the router of the store and wiffy without troublesome installation work.

Wiffy is a product of Amalance LLC.

Connectech Inc. is an official distribution partner of wiffy.

"Wiffy Leaflet" which includes a QR code for application. Please feel free to use it!
wiffy Leaflet_connectech.pdf
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Easy Login

 Wiffy supports major SNS in Japan and overseas, and does not require troublesome initial setting/password management. Customers visiting our store for the first time can immediately use Free Wi-Fi with a secure connection by login authentication with SNS such as LINE, Facebook, and Twitter.

*For example: In shops where LINE is introduced, customers can use Wi-Fi by just adding friends on LINE.

If you are not using SNS, you can connect simply by entering your phone number using SMS (Short Message Service).

Custom SSID Settings

Wiffy allows you to customize the network name (SSID) displayed when connecting to Wi-Fi.

Let's set the store name to SSID and use it for branding (Raise awareness)!

O2O Marketing Function

Wiffy automatically accumulates customer information when connected to Wi-Fi, and stores can use that data for marketing.

Please use this as a marketing tool to connect stores and customers.

*For example, you can send messages about anniversaries, rainy days, and happy hour according to the number of visits and frequency of visits, or use the landing page to distribute coupons according to the number of repeat visits.

Congestion display (COVID19 measures)

Wiffy now has a function to automatically visualize the congestion situation as a countermeasure against the new corona.

We have prepared a web page that automatically displays congestion and history of congestion, which can be easily linked to the customer's website or official LINE page.